Two years ago, the worst thing that could happen to any professional photographer happened to me: I was the victim of the theft of all my photographic work (hard drives, cameras, computers and all the backups with the original photos). We are talking about a bank of images comprising twenty five thousand photos that I took during 9 years travelling over 11 different countries. Some say it was a political attack because of the importance of the content on hard drives, it would corroborate the three death threats that I had received as a photographer of social causes. They also said that it could have been a "simple robbery" and that thieves luckily hit that big booty. The fact is that all my images, those that built my photographic work and the many others that I had not yet published, ceased to exist from that moment. It was literally as if I had never taken a photograph in my life, a real nightmare. They did not kill me physically, but my heart dead with all those photos and the memories that were so valuable to me. Two years ago I thought that my carreer as photographer was totally ended. I regretted not having shared those images when I could with everyone.

However, after two years of checking the few files that survived the flight, after having examined all the emails exchanged where a good resolution photo could have survived and after having called all the galleries, NGOs and institutions I have worked with, I managed to recover until today nearly 2% of the photos in question.

Here they are in this web site, I share them willingly with you hoping they will make you travel and dream.

This is a second opportunity, a renaissance

Enjoy your trip!