Juan Pablo Gutierrez

Juan Pablo Gutierrez is a human rights defender specialized in indigenous peoples rights, activist and international delegate of the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC) and the Yukpa Indigenous People. He has been working since 2009 in the visibility and denouncing of the humanitarian situation of Indigenous Peoples from Colombia, working in coordination with the local communities and their representative organizations.

His commitment to the struggle of Indigenous Peoples led him to project at the international level the ONIC campaign "Palabra Dulce Aire de Vida"  on Indigenous Peoples classified at imminent risk of extinction through strategic alliances with organizations such as Amnesty International, UNICEF, Rights & Democracy among others. Because of his work denouncing the humanitarian situation of these Peoples, especially the Nukak Makú and the Yukpa People, Juan Pablo was catalogued as a military target by paramilitary groups that forced him to exile abroad from where he currently works. 

Currently, he focuses most of his work on the fight against climate change through strategic alliances between Indigenous Peoples and environmental activists in order to consolidate what he calls "the globalization of resistance" in protection of Mother Earth. Juan Pablo is also known for the development of decolonial theories, from the epistemologies of the global south, around the liberation of thought, critical of Eurocentric totalitarianism.  

The photographs of this web site are part of one of Juan Pablo's passions "the fixed image" through which he also values the dignity of Peoples of the world and which he also puts at their service.